The Belgian Hematology Society (BHS) was founded in 1985 in the setting of a rapidly evolving specialty and spectacular progresses achieved over the last two decades.

BHS is a scientific society composed of more than 500 members: clinical hematologists, laboratory hematologists, researchers, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, as well as other scientists and patient organisations with a specific interest in the field of hematology.

The major aims of our association are:

  • To promote the quality of the clinical as well as biological practice of Hematology in Belgium;
  • To promote the teaching of Hematology at Belgian Universities and other institutes of higher education in Belgium;
  • To promote clinical and fundamental scientific research in the field of Hematology;
  • To promote scientific, technological and clinical exchanges between clinical departments and laboratories working in the field of Hematology;
  • To establish the necessary relationships for representing Belgian Hematology with public or private, national or international, companies and departments involved in clinical practice, teaching or research in Hematology.

To achieve these goals, the BHS may in particular engage in the following activities:

  • To organize conferences, symposia and other scientific meetings in the field of Hematology;
  • To develop programs teaching and/or training programs for trainees and/or practitioners in Hematology;
  • To prepare and disseminate clinical guidelines;
  • To contribute to the registration and reimbursement of new agents and new techniques in Belgium;
  • To develop clinical, translational or fundamental research studies;
  • To establish and maintain databases or registries relevant to Hematology;
  • To establish national and international collaborations;
  • To offer travel grants to young scientists or young doctors;
  • To provide support for projects promoting the development of Hematology;
  • To deploy any other activity directly or indirectly contributing to achieving the above objectives.

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