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BHS Courses 2021-2023

BHS Courses Announcement 2021-2023.pdf

Course dates and topics for the cycle 2021-2023 are available here.  

Online registration is now closed. 

The BHS training course and seminars have been offered for many years to individuals interested in the practice of clinical and laboratory hematology. 

Over the past years the BHS training course and seminars were a great success. Each two years the board of the BHS tries to adapt the BHS training program in order: 

• To provide up-to-date continuous education to clinical and laboratory hematologists in training, experienced hematologists as well as to other interested individuals. 

• To match the European requirements, published by the EHA as the “EHA CV passport” ( and endorsed by the national societies. 

In the announcement you will find the 2021-2023 program as well as practical information on the course organization, registration, teaching material, evaluation & certification of trainees and accreditation.

 Looking forward to meet you at the seminars! 

Prof. dr. Ann Janssens

BHS President