Cancelled || Seminar 10: Hemostasis (2019 - 2021)



The presentations will be published on the BHS website.


12 December 2020


This event has finished

Course Cancelled

To make sure we can offer all interested participants the possibility to join, and with the health and safety of all participants and speakers in mind, the BHS Board has decided to organize the upcoming educational courses online.

The speakers will record their presentation from home instead of giving their lecture live on December 12. The presentations will be published on the BHS website so that you will be able to watch the presentations at a time which is convenient for you.

The recordings will be published by January 18 at the latest.

Registration educational courses

  • Attendance to the seminars is free for BHS members
  • Trainees in Hematology are invited to register on line at the beginning of the 2-year cycle. It is allowed to start with either seminar 1 (year 1) or seminar 7 (year 2)
  • Other BHS members are welcome to attend the course without previous registration
  • Non-BHS members must pay a fee, the equivalent of one year BHS membership for each year of the course
  • The registration for the seminars 2019-2021 is required once-only. Any changes or updates can be made at any time by sending an email to


Coordinators: Cédric Hermans (UCL) / Katrien Devreese (UZ Gent)

  • Blood coagulation revisited – General Introduction and overview
  • Laboratory tests in bleeding tendency: from baseline to specialized testing
  • Thrombophilia screening- what and who to assess?
  • Management of thrombosis and use of antithrombotic agents in 2021: a practical update
  • Acquired bleeding disorders: what the haematologist should now
  • Congenital haemophilia: clinical challenges and treatment innovations
  • VWD and rare congenital bleeding diseases: from clinical diagnosis to management