GAM 2015

Dolce La Hulpe, Brussels


Dolce La Hulpe
Chaussée de Bruxelles 135
1310 La Hulpe


29 - 31 January 2015

This event has finished

Abstracts oral / poster presentation (BJH Abstract supplement) (2.5 MB)

Slides invited speakers:

Highlight on coagulation disorders
Acquired coagulation disorders in hematological malignancies - Thomas Lecompte, Switzerland 

Pierre Stryckmans lecture
MYELOMA TODAY” - Thierry Facon, France

“30 years of flow cytometry: achievements and perspectives”
When is morphology mandatory in hematological practice? - Bernard Chatelain, Mont-Godinne
Flow cytometry in the clinical laboratory: the shocking truth (48 MB)- David Barnett, United Kingdom

PRO - CON debate 
PRO: Niels van de Donk, the Netherlands
CONNathalie Meuleman, ULB