12e édition des réunions scientifiques Actu'Greffe

12e édition des réunions scientifiques Actu'Greffe

Actu’greffe Meeting to be held in Brussels, Tuesday, June 12, from 6:45pm to 10:30pm at :

Hof Ter Musschen


All the practical information are available on the website www.actugreffe.fr

You can register by clicking here or by email with Sarah-Jane Marie: s.marie@avscongres.mu

The purpose of these evening meetings is to present the key points of the different themes addressed at the EBMT Annual Conference.

Here are the themes that will be discussed by doctors :

1 • GVH: biomarkers and clinical trials in GVH

2 • Diseases and pathologies: new drugs and post-transplant treatments.

3 • Cell therapy: CAR-T Cells and HAPLO.

4 • Infectious complications: CMV et new azoles.

Nurses will also present the following:

1 • Nuclear accident management

2 • CAR-T cells

3 • Fecal transplantation and intestinal microbiota

4 • Quality of sleep

5 • HELPILIM pill box

For people who do not speak the language simultaneous translation into Dutch will be available.