2024 Global Patient Survey on Lymphomas & CLL

2024 Global Patient Survey on Lymphomas & CLL

Once again, the BHS is pleased to support the Lymphoma Coalition and the BHS Patient Committee in leading a patient survey on Lymphomas and CLL.

Why is such a survey important? 

  • To make patients' voices heard,
  • To help HCPs to better understand the experiences of patients and their entourage

To whom is this survey addressed? (Former) patients with 

  • Lymphoma, or 
  • Waldenstrom's disease, or
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), and
  • patients' relatives

    >> We count on all of you to share this survey with (former) lymphoma patients or relatives of a patient with lymphoma. 

The results of the survey will be shared on the BHS website.

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