European Society of Immunodeficiencies meeting 2019

European Society of Immunodeficiencies meeting 2019

Dear colleagues and friends,

As you might know, the annual ESID (European Society of Immunodeficiencies) meeting 2019 will be organized in Brussels. The topic is "PID and malignancy" and we can inform you that an excellent program has been drafted and already many of the speakers, have agreed to participate.  The topic this year is "PID and malignancy", and most sessions will be dedicated to this topic. Items such as DNA repair disorders, the role of EBV and other viruses in malignancies, exploiting the immune system to treat cancer, secondary immunodeficiencies after treatment for malignancies and much more, will be addressed.   

Being a hematologist and pediatric hemato-oncologist ourselves, we feel that the program is very interesting to all of you and I would highly recommend you to join us in Brussels.

Please already block the date in your agenda’s.

For more information: follow the ESID website for regular updates:

Kind regards

Jutte van der Werff ten Bosch, Local Meeting Organizer Tessa Kerre on behalf of the BPIDG board