SAFE Study - Discover more and complete the questionnaire!

SAFE Study - Discover more and complete the questionnaire!

On behalf of our colleagues, the Belgian Hematology Society would like to kindly invite you to discover more about the SAFE Study and to participate in the Questionnaire regarding the approach to febrile neutropenia in Belgian hospital.  Find out more below. 

SAFE study, supported by a grant from Kom op Tegen Kanker, will start in 2023. 

For those unfamiliar with the study: SAFE stands for Stopping Antibiotics after 3 days for the treatment of FEbrile Neutropenia. This will be a large randomized trial, in which long-term neutropenic patients – in whom no infectious focus is found – will be randomized to either short-term (72 hours) treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics or long-term treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics. They will analyse whether the short-term treatment is equally safe and what benefits it all entails. The study will be an important multicentre collaboration between the Belgian and possibly also the Dutch Haematology centres. This study is the continuation of a retrospective analysis already performed by us.

While preparing everything to open the study, we would first like to get a better picture of the approach to neutropenic fever within Belgian hospitals at the moment. We would like to do this by means of a simple survey. This could help us further develop our project/protocol. Could we therefore kindly ask you to complete the survey via the link below? It will only take a few minutes of your time. 

Fill in the questionnaire HERE.

Thanks in advance for your time and interest. 

If you have any additional questions, you can always contact via 

Also on behalf of Robina Aerts and Johan Maertens, 

Alexander Schauwvlieghe 

Dr. A. Schauwvlieghe, MD, PhD Hematologist 

AZ Sint-Jan, Brugge