Survey on Clinical Trials

Survey on Clinical Trials

Dear colleague,

I would like to hear your opinion on your attitude towards clinical trials. The importance of clinical trials is only growing since they are the only way to expand our treatment armamentarium. They also provide a unique opportunity to our patients to gain access to new and innovative treatments, such as CART cells and BiTEs. In relation to this topic, a parallel patient survey is ongoing with over 300 responses so far. With the information from both anonymous surveys we can gain insight into reasons for participating (or not participating) to clinical trials and identify key bottlenecks in the patient's journey in Belgium.

The survey will take approximately 6 minutes; all questions are multiple choice, easy to answer and only ask for your personal opinion in an anonymous way. There is no need to fill out numbers or give estimations about percentages.

Results will be published in the Belgian Journal of Haematology.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and consideration.

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Kind regards,

Bert Heyrman – dept. Hematology - ZNA