Online selfstudy


Online selfstudy


18 December 2021


This event has finished

BHS Courses Announcement 2021-2023.pdf


Given the current situation with the pandemic and with the health and safety of everyone in mind, we hereby would like to inform you that the decision has been taken to hold the 3 next BHS courses (December 2021, January 2022 and February 2022) in a hybrid way with no onsite participants

Only speakers will attend onsite in order to be able to record their presentations. The course chairs will also be present onsite in order to support the speakers, where needed.

Please be informed there will be NO livestreaming on the day of the course. The presentations and recordings of the course will be made available online as soon as possible after the course.

Once available, you will be informed by mail where to access the educational material.


  • AML: WHO classification, biology and prognosis - Dimitri Breems 
  • AML: clinical aspects and intensive treatment – Ine Moors 
  • APL/acute promyelocytic leukemia - Sebastian Wittnebel 
  • ALL/lymphoblastic lymphoma - Carlos Graux 
  • Acute leukemia and agressive lymphoma in children – Barbara De Moerloose