PACE award



Which projects are eligible?

Please be informed non-selected projects from previous years may be resubmitted if they meet the eligibility criteria.

 Please make sure to check the eligibility criteria before submitting your project!

Eligibility criteria PACE award .pdf

Who can apply?

The candidate must fulfil all criteria below:  

PACE Award

A prize award of 10.000 euros will be given to the winners (maximum 2 winners each year). Please note, the prize money cannot be allocated to fund a salary, but it can cover activity and material costs.
The results of the PACE Award will be announced during the 2022 General Annual Meeting of the BHS.

The BHS PACE award has been made possible with an unrestricted grant from BMS and Takeda.

Evaluation criteria:


The application must preferably be written in English** and must consist of :

* templates are available in the submission tool

** applications in French or Dutch are acceptable, but the abstract/summary must be in English

The full SOP PACE Award (including guidelines, terms and conditions) can be consulted here: 

SOP PACE Award .pdf

Past winners


Winner Project Picture
Benjamin Depoorter, Jules Bordet Institute
Multidisciplinary approach of drug-induced polyneuropathic pain in multiple myeloma patients
Sarah Deuss, UZ Brussel
Development of diet guidelines for the immunosuppressed patient inspired by modern foodculture


Winner Project Picture
H. Schoemans, UZ Leuven
SMILe project
(SteM Cell TransplantatIon faciLitated by eHealth Technology)

S. Servais, CHU Li├Ęge

A personalized and illustrated roadmap notebook for children after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation


A. Janssens, UZ Leuven
C. Vierst, CHU Namur site Godinne


S. Michiels, Institut Jules Bordet
K. Saevels, UZA


B. Balci, Institut Jules Bordet
J. De Munter, University Hospital Ghent